Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wait until you hear about my crazy weekend! My grandmother and her friend Reddy came for a visit on their way up to Bear Lake. I went to pick them up at the airport and the fun began! My grandmother and Reddy had wheelchair service through the airport and as Reddy got up from her wheelchair, she tripped over the leg of the chair and fell. I was halfway to the car with the luggage when I heard my grandmother yelling for help. I turned just to see Reddy hit the cement and from where I was standing it looked she hit her head on the bench. Talk about a heartache moment! It turned out that she was ok, bruised and a little scraped, but ok. The airport employees insisted the parametics look her over (probably to save themselves a lawsuit) and all she need was three bandaids.

Once that was over with, we had some more excitement! We went to Sam's Club to get a membership card and Reddy wanted to stay in the car. She has a bad knee and was exhausted, so we understood. Well while we were in Sam's Club, my car's license plate and description was paged over the loudspeaker. We went back up front and the supervisor told us story I couldn't believe. It seems someone got worried about this poor little old lady sitting out in the car by herself and went to ask her if she was ok. Well apparently she was "disoriented" when the lady was talking to her. So the supervisor called us up because she thought someone was going to call the police on us for neglecting Reddy! Well I went out to the car and Reddy was taking a little nap. I woke her up and asked if she was ok. Turns out she was fine! She said she was very comfortable and was taking a little snooze. She didn't even know why that lady came over to talk to her. Of course I would have been a little disoriented after just waking up. I went back inside to tell my grandmother and the women working at the customer service desk were giving me looks like I was the biggest criminal on the planet! The supervisor had told my grandmother that several of the employees were very upset and wanted to call the police. So all weekend I was waiting for the cops to show up at my door.

By the time the both left the next day, I was absolutely exhausted. Those two traveling together are dangerous! It is like the blind leading the blind.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Beverly Hillbillies - Well Almost!

After having to postpone moving over and over again, I was finally able to move on July 30th....the day before I had to move out of course. Moving was really funny, thanks to all the people from my branch that came to help. My hometeacher decided he could get ton of stuff in his truck. It kind of looked like the Beverly Hillbillies, all we were missing was grandma on top in her rocker! They fit my bed, box spring, mattress, couch, chair, ottoman and the kitchen table all in the bed of his truck. I'm surprised he made it like that, luckily we weren't going too far! I'm glad he didn't get pulled over with all that stuff in there!

But I'm all moved, except for some boxes, and it is really nice having my own place. The best part about it is that it is REALLY quiet! No more loud neighbors, especially like my old upstairs neighboor who always stomped when she walked! I've even met a few of my neighboors and everyone seems pretty nice. And I'm glad I met my goal of becoming a homeowner before my next birthday (which is this coming Saturday in case anyone is even thinking about forgetting!!)